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  • College has its own surgery department which includes museum & demonstration room.
  • Department has more than 100 surgical specimens which are mounted as per disease classification. So that every students can understood the depth of the surgery.
  • The students of this department are taught importance of homoeopathic therapeutics in the surgical diseases are classified by Dr. Hahnemann and limitation of homoeopathic medicines in surgery.
  • Student are also made aware about complications of surgical diseases while treating homoeopathic treatment
  • The college has provided 10 beds in college hospital.
  • Separate surgery OPD were surgeons, homoeopaths as well as P.G. students interaceat on every case.
  • College has  its own Operation Theater with facility of preparation room , rehabilitation room  and Post Surgical room.
  • Daily OPD attendance of this department is more than 50 patients.
  • College has attached multispecialty hospital for the exposure of the students in the clinical field to understand the depth of operative surgery as well as management in critical illness.
  • Department has following equipments  as per III HCC (MSR) Reg. 2013